4 Top Tips for a smooth tenancy check-out

Date Published 04 February 2016

Check-outs are a vital part of the end of tenancy process as it helps you avoid disputes and can allow you to provide evidence to support your case if there is one. VA would like to to provide 4 tips for a private Landlords carrying these out themselves.

Take along your check-in report.
After your tenant moved in you should have made a check in report, this can be used as a reference point.

Take your time and be thorough.
When touring the property you need to cover every aspect of your check in list or you could face problems later on.

Make notes.
Record any of your tenants contracts or agreements you reach. Ask your tenant to sign and date the notes and ensure they receive a copy after the check out.

Use Photographic evidence.
Bring a camera and take photos of any damage or anything else alarming.If you can try and use a digital camera as they have a date stamp so this can demonstrate when the photos were taken.