Be aware: Advertised letting scams on Online

Date Published 08 March 2016

A warning has been provided to certain online websites by the RLA (Residential Landlords Association) and the NLA (National Landlords Association) after scammers have pretended to be Landlords online and claiming money for property viewings.

These criminals will draw in prospective tenants by posting appealing properties at affordable prices, which is what any tenant would be looking for. The applicants are told to secure a viewing they must provide a deposit, some fees have been as high as £1,500.As soon as money has been exchanged then there is no reply from the fraudsters.

To make themselves as legitimate as possible they clone website and logos of agents to make them appear as if they are associated. There is a call line open to any victims which is 03001232040. Please be aware of this as it is an important issue, which needs to be stopped!

If you would like anymore information please visit this website: