Landlords would you keep or loose your current great tenants for the sake of 4 months less tenancy..

Date Published 22 June 2017

Landlords we have been recently working with a landlord who has great tenants in a property which we placed on a 6 month tenancy agreement which at expiry the landlord wanted to the tenants to sign a renewal term of 12 months with a rent increase....

Unfortunately due to the tenants personal circumstances they were not willing to resign for 12 months but were happy to sign for 6 months...

The landlord wanted a rent increase as well as 12 months on the renewal of the tenancy. After numerous phone calls and emails between the landlord and the tenants we managed to get the tenants to agree to the immediate rent increase and sign a new contract for 8 months - BINGO!

However our landlord did not feel the same and turned this offer down....we were stunned at this here at VA! The landlord had his reasons but the offer on the table was great and would have tied him and the property over as now the property will sit EMPTY rather than roll on for a secure additional 8 months!

Landlords faced with this dilemma what would you do...?