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A moment in the Life of VA - HELP - My Door Bell Does Not Work! 13 February 2020

Sharing the lighter side of work life here at VA....

Tenant To VA - "Just wanted to report another issue with the house! The door bell is not working but the light comes on but no sound, so we asking for your help with this one please and report it to the landlord"

VA To Tenant - "Hello thank you for your email, unfortunately this would not be classed as a high priority issue or an issue that your landlord needs to repair.... Read More

Landlords... How to Reduce Condensation? 28 November 2018

What is Condensation? Condensation is the appearance of water on cold surfaces. It occurs where moist air comes into contact with air, or a surface, which is at a lower temperature. Water produced from condensation is generally noticeable where it forms on non-absorbent surfaces (i.... Read More

Landlords would you keep or loose your current great tenants for the sake of 4 months less tenancy.. 22 June 2017

Landlords we have been recently working with a landlord who has great tenants in a property which we placed on a 6 month tenancy agreement which at expiry the landlord wanted to the tenants to sign a renewal term of 12 months with a rent increase.... Unfortunately due to the tenants personal circumstances they were not willing to resign for 12 months but were happy to sign for 6 months.... Read More

The Big VA Sale 12 January 2017

Are you looking to sell your property quick?..Well VA is the right place for all you Landlords to go VA Property Consultants have recently sold a beautiful semi-detached bungalow within the Luton&Dunstable boarders. This eye catching property is located on Macaulay Road and has lovely presentation with a whole load of wonderful facilities throughout.... Read More

Luton Number 1 in 2016 11 January 2017

Did you know that...Luton has been identified as the top-performing town across the UK for house price growth over the last year.? The property value in Luton has increased extremely, by 19.4% to be precise and the price is nearly £42,000 higher than last year too.... Read More

FREE Instant Online Valuation 26 May 2016

Hooray the bank holiday weekend is coming around fast and I know you are all looking forward to a long weekend. Just recently VA added a new tool on our website that allows you to receive a FREE instant sales or letting valuation of your property. So if you are contemplating selling or renting out your property but not sure on what its worth go on our website http://valuation.... Read More

Selling Isn`t Easy! 26 April 2016

If an estate agency has ever told you selling a house is easy and simple they are lying. VA would like to share with you one of our personal experiences of a property we have just recently sold. It was far from easy however in the end we had a great result.... Read More

The New Easter Bunny? 31 March 2016

I hope you and your family enjoyed the Easter break just as much as the VA team did. Prior to the previous blog, I mentioned that Harry the House would be visiting the Mall on the bank holiday Monday. Well Harry the House was there and he was the new Easter bunny, handing out Easter eggs to the children as well as the adults.... Read More

VA Wishes You A Happy Easter! 25 March 2016

As today is Good Friday the whole team at VA hope you and your family enjoy the Easter break to the fullest. Today and Saturday business is open as usual which is 09:30am-18:00pm on Fri and 10:00am-18:00pm on Sat. So don"t hesitate to call in or pop into either of our offices for any queries you may have.... Read More

Be aware: Advertised letting scams on Online 08 March 2016

A warning has been provided to certain online websites by the RLA (Residential Landlords Association) and the NLA (National Landlords Association) after scammers have pretended to be Landlords online and claiming money for property viewings. These criminals will draw in prospective tenants by posting appealing properties at affordable prices, which is what any tenant would be looking for.... Read More

Ever Considered Rent To Buy? 15 February 2016

Rent to buy is a government scheme that eases the move from renting to buying. Rent to buy properties allow you to rent 20% below the current market price so you can initially save for a cash deposit on the property. You can be given a lease period of 6 months to 5 years and you can either buy the property outright or buy a shared part depending on the property.... Read More

4 Top Tips for a smooth tenancy check-out 04 February 2016

Check-outs are a vital part of the end of tenancy process as it helps you avoid disputes and can allow you to provide evidence to support your case if there is one. VA would like to to provide 4 tips for a private Landlords carrying these out themselves.... Read More