Calling All First Time Buyers!!!

Date Published 08 May 2015

Calling all First Time Buyers!!! The UK Government - Helping us onto the property ladder with a Help to Buy ISA

The Government will boost your savings by 25%!
The UK's Government has come up with a fantastic way to help first-time-buyers raise their deposits. After a successful year of granting mortgages the Government have found that first-time-buyers are struggling to raise the funds for their property deposit. To solve this problem they have designed the 'Help to Buy ISA'.
From autumn 2015 with an initial deposit of £1000 first time buyers will be able to set up a Help to Buy ISA through a bank or building society.
Help to buy ISA accounts are limited to one per person (over the age of 16) but not one per household and are available for 4 years, once opened you have no limit on how long you can save for.
There will be a minimum bonus of £400 and a maximum bonus per person of £3000. The bonus will be available on home purchases of up to £450,000 in London and £250,000 outside of London. The bonus will be paid when you buy your home.
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