Sell Your Property Before Christmas Or Save £1000`s On Agency Fess: Part 2

Date Published 13 October 2015

After a detailed walk through of the property we picked up on a number of issues which we felt was not helping. Mr Amoh's property was not dressed to sell and there many signs of wear and tear making it look very tired.

How to sell your property in six weeks
With the help of The VA House Doctor Mr Amoh SOLD his property 5 weeks later! Read Venessa's top tips to see how Mr Amoh SOLD his property at the asking price.

Lighten up the rooms. The property had dark looking rooms so we added a few table lamps and nice decorative floor lamps in a few of the room corners to give life and a warm glow. This is a very simple tip but don't go over the top. You need just enough light to give each room a glow especially if many of your viewings now will be in the afternoon and early evenings after the sun has gone down. Your property needs to light itself up and sell.