Part 3 -Sell Your Property Before Christmas Or Save £1000`s On Agency Fees!

Date Published 14 October 2015

De-clutter the hallway. Make a great first impression with your entrance hallway as this is the first room the buyer will see. Mr Amoh's property was just too crowded with furniture and personal ornaments. If your property is cluttered at first sight, the first impression of your property is that it's cramped and small rather than open and spacious. Move unnecessary items such as hanging coats and boxes out of sight and instead put flowers on the hall table, it is so easy and creates an instant good feeling about the house

Kerb Appeal. The first to prep is what we call ‘curb' appeal. Make sure your property looks good from the outside, including clean windows, nicely cut grass and maybe hang some pretty flowers in a basket to attract buyers to your front door. Mr Amoh's front garden was overgrown with a lot of bricks and rubble piled up in the corner – Very off putting as soon as you walked up to the property....We fixed this immediately!