Throwback Thursday

Date Published 29 October 2015

As you know VA has opened a new office in the mall. However there was a huge journey before we got to this point. VA has been through 3 major changes starting from 2012 to 2015.

Phase 1- In 2012 we opened our first RMU in the mall. The stand itself did not meet our expectations. We had to work with what was given which was done to the best of our ability.If we was to give our stall back then a percentage of how well it was it would be given only 30%.

Phase 2- 2013 was a big improvement. In that year we was provided with a new RMU stall and it was miles better.We were able to advertise our properties in the right way. This stall was a great platform to promote our current properties. The percentage for this stall has been bumped up too 60%.

Phase 3- Fast forward to 2015 and we have an actual office in the mall!
The improvement is unthinkable. This office provides a greater people friendly environment. People can sit down and have a nice conversation with us and we are able to promote even more properties that are on the market as we have a bigger floor space. The percentage for this office is a definite 100%, we are very pleased with the presentation it shows VA off in the best possible way.