What type of Landlord are you?

Date Published 11 November 2015

Not sure what service is best for you? Read our landlord profiles to help you decide...

Landlord A: Premium Management.
This is for the Landlord who would rather not deal with their tenants directly, preferring all aspects to be held by VA. No letting risk, no financial stress.

Landlord B: Management.
This is for landlords who prefer not to be involved in the day to day running and management of their property. Therefore leaving the dealing of collecting rent, repairs, and maintenance and tenant issues to VA to handle.

Landlord C Management Plus.
This is just like Landlord B but with the added piece of mind of Rent Protection. This means the landlord is financially prepared to cover any rental arrears but knowing it will be paid back via the insurance policy.

Landlord D: Let & Collect.
This is for landlords who wish to have hands on approach with tenancy but do not want the stress of dealing with finances. Ideal for busy landlords.

Landlord E: Tenant Find.
This is for landlords who wish to manage their property after VA has properly referenced the tenants and supplied all legal documentation.