Landlord tips on letting for the new year!

Date Published 24 November 2015

Meet the prospective tenant.
Meeting the tenant for the first time can demonstrate whether you can get on with them or not. Ask plenty of questions so you can get to know them as much as possible.

Don't rush, take your time.
It may be tempting to go with the 1st offer, but they may not be the right tenant for you. Look into other offers until you have ensured that they are 100% suitable for your property.

Get references from the previous Landlord.
Try and speak to the Landlord directly.Doing this can enable you to know what type of tenant they are, so for example knowing if they paid their rent on time and if overall they were a good tenant.

Be honest about your property.
Your property may have some drawbacks that are not immediately obvious. If so be honest with the tenant, this way there will not be hassle further down the line and you will know if tenant will be comfortable with these issues.