New right to rent law coming fast...

Date Published 12 January 2016

From the 1st of February a new law will come into action. It is called right to rent which will be used on any tenants moving into a rental property.

What is right to rent?
Well right to rent is a new check that has to be done on any tenants over the age of 18 before they move in. So Landlords that use a tenant find only will be responsible of carrying out these checks. All estate agencies that manage a property must carry out these checks themselves. Failure to do so and the tenant does not have the right to rent then the agency or Landlord can be liable for a £3,000 fine. Also all tenants must be aware that these checks are being done.

This law comes with serious responsibilities and if you are a Landlord you need to be fully aware of this law and understand the right to rent checks. For more detailed information please visit the government website link on this matter: