Get ready to go green

Date Published 21 January 2016

By April 2018 a new law regarding EPC ranking will be put into place and all Landlords will need to be aware. It will be illegal to rent out a property with an F or a G energy performance certificate rating under a new tenancy agreement.

However it doesn't' stop there, by April 2020 the minimum requirement of an EPC rating will be an E and this will not only include new lets but existing lets also.
The government also wants to achieve by 2025 all ratings to be a D or above then ultimately by 2030 no ratings under a C.

2018 may seem a long way away but ensuring your property is efficient as possible is a matter of urgency and it won't be long until the laws are set into place.

So here are a few tips that either you as a landlord or a tenant can carry out at the property:
-Fit a jacket around your hot water tank
-Use energy saving light bulbs
-Insulate your home

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