Do you know that you need a License for your Luton rental property to be rented legally?

Luton Borough Council introduced a Selective Licensing scheme which became mandatory from the 1st January 2022. Yet another piece of legislation for landlords to comply with!

What is Selective Licensing?

All privately rented properties in Luton South Ward, excluding HMOs, will need to be licensed under the new scheme.

Why is Licensing being introduced in South Luton?

This area has been targeted as it has the highest volume of HHSRS (Housing Health Safety Rating System) Code 1 violations and has the 2nd highest levels of deprivation among the borough.

  • Anti-Social Behaviour
  • Fly-Tipping
  • High Levels of Migration
  • Low Property Standards

How much does the Selective License Cost?

The cost of license is £488 and is valid for 5 years, however the council has an early bird discount fee of £150 which will close on the 16th May 2022. After this date the cost of the license will shoot up to £488 – Be warned! Find out more about Selective Licensing on the council website at Luton Borough Council's website

How Can VA Help You?

To help support landlords we have spent a lot of time investing in a process to help landlords get their Selective License. It was initially exclusive to our management landlords but now we are opening the service to all landlords.

The application is a 20-Section form requiring a lot of attention to detail to complete. In addition to the tenancy legal documents and safety certificates needed to submit the application.

If you are still yet to get your property licensed, then you are running out of time to save £338!
VA can save you both the time and hassle of getting your property compliant and obtaining the license. If you would like VA to support your Selective License application or you are unsure whether your property is in the South Ward Catchment, please call us now on 01582 346 203