Selling Isn`t Easy!

Date Published 26 April 2016

If an estate agency has ever told you selling a house is easy and simple they are lying. VA would like to share with you one of our personal experiences of a property we have just recently sold. It was far from easy however in the end we had a great result.

Stunning 3 Bedroom family home situated on Hill Rise was on the market for £265,000.
Interest shot through the roof and an offer was soon made and accepted. However the buyer was also selling his home through another agency which lead to a few complications, this delayed the sale process which did panic the Vendors. At one point we decided to put the property back on the market just in case the worst was to happen and the sale fell through.

The buyer pulled through and was able to clear up all issues that was present so we were able to continue with the sale at high speed. The completion took just over a month which is quite quick but with some bumps in the process.

As an agency we would just like people to understand that when selling a property, problems do arise; complications with mortgage, personal issues all happen and can interrupt the sale. As long as all party's involved support each other than these can be overcome as selling a property is a emotional time but VA are here to keep it as stress free as we can because it is all worth is in the end!